– Valentine’s Day “Thank You” Campaign

Valentine’s Day is this month and in the spirit of offering gratitude – Lincoln Public Schools is taking a mid-winter break to send a thank you card to our community, sharing our appreciation for support of our public school district.

We are sharing the love in several ways:

  • Every community member will receive the LPS Annual Report in the mail over the next few weeks – including the complete LPS Strategic Plan.
  • Superintendent Steve Joel has issued his 15-minute video State of the Schools Report.
  • We are sharing an assortment of thank-you videos and photos – thanking the community for supporting LPS.

You can find the Annual Report, the State of the Schools video, and our thank you messages – at this link: https://lps.org/thankyou/

We thank you for investing in our students, our children, our future.

Thank you, Lincoln, for your support of Lincoln Public Schools.

And check out a couple videos at: https://www.lps.org/post/detail.cfm?id=12604