Huntington Elementary is located at 2900 N 46th Street in Lincoln, Nebraska [map]. Our main office phone number is 402-436-1144.

Huntington Elementary School, located in the historic University Place neighborhood of Lincoln, Nebraska, is a school with a fascinating past and a bright future. The original Huntington school was built in 1912 with an addition added in 1915. In 1997, the entire structure was demolished and a new building constructed on the original site. The staff and students returned to the new building in 1999 after spending two years on the State Fair Park campus. Huntington Elementary is viewed as a “community school” that is committed to offering the best educational opportunities for all students in addition to being a neighborhood support for the community. The staff at Huntington school works in close partnership with its community neighbor, Nebraska Wesleyan University. The two schools have been close community partners for over 25 years.